Connection between the art form and the sociopolitical context

SPAN 160C1 Essays Rubric
Short essays for this course should be written in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, double-spaced,
standard margins at two-pages of length. The student is required to concentrate in one art form
covered in class and use two secondary texts to discuss it. The goal of your essay should be
establish points of connection between the art form and the sociopolitical context where it came
to be. Keep the issue of national identity in mind: does it help support a sense of national unity?,
does it challenge it?
The art form I will use is the movie Frida by Julie Taymor, and the two secondary sources are up to you to choose, anything that two secondary sources that would be relevant to my essay.
Use MLA style in the body of the essay and in your Works Cited (on a third page).
Remember: The basis for a good essay is a persuasive thesis. Use your sample essay to orientate
Thesis (30%)
Full points received for a clear, specific and original thesis appearing in the first or second
paragraph. The thesis is rigorously supported with in-depth detail.
Points of Connection (30%)
The student demonstrates that they have identified clear points of connection between the
artistic/cultural object of study and its historical (social, political, economic) context. Secondary
texts are cited. There is evidence of close reading and analysis.
Organization (20%)
All information included directly supports the thesis. The student wastes no space on tangents.
There is one clear idea per paragraph and each paragraph is well developed (usually this results
in about three paragraphs per page).
Communication (10%)
Full points received for completely comprehensible writing; sentences are logical, connectors
and transitions are used, etc. Some points taken off for writing that requires interpretation.
Grammar and Mechanics (10%)
Full points received for proper grammar. Full points received for correct spelling, punctuation,
capitalization and usage of MLA style.
Below is a sample essay, it cannot be copied or altred and re-written in any way shape or form. In other words no plagiarizing.