Connection with the dropping of the atomic bomb

The paper is a chronological description of events, personalities, and conflicts that contributed to the
decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. You will choose FIVE of these terms and describe their relationship to the atomic bomb.

Einstein letter of 1939
Leo Szilard
Niels Bohr
James Conant
Vannevar Bush
Leslie Groves
Robert Oppenheimer
Enrico Fermi
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Los Alamos
Paul Tibbets
Enola Gay
Charles Sweeny
Henry L. Stimson
Interim Committee
James Byrnes
Unconditional Surrender
Foreign Minister Togo
Prime Minister Suzuki
Emperor Hirohito
Korechikia Anami
Potsdam Declaration
Gen. Curtis LeMay
Soviet Invasion of Manchuria
B-29a flying fortress
Codename Downfall
Battle of Okinawa
June 18, 1945 Military Conference