Consent to surgery or other procedures, and to care

in this assignment im required to carry out a comprehensive literature review, to find 8-12 research articles on consent to surgery or other procedures, and to care in an adult nursing setting.Relevant legislations on consent might also be used. however they dont necessary have to be research papers, they might be goverment papers ETC..

Discuss the topic (consent) and how it relates to Adult Nursing from the point of view of adult nurses and patients. you also need to explain my specific subject area (Adult Nursing) and discuss how the topic(consent) can be applied to it.

Define and Explains what a literature search and review is. This needs to be related to to the research process.

You should then discuss the 8-12 pieces of literature. finally you should draw the 8-12 articles in conclusion. you should structure your findings in an organised , logical manner.

you need to produce a reference list for the 8-12 items that you have selected;this will be attached to you assignment as an appendix.

You need to include:

the full and accurate reference.
identification of whether it is a primary or secondary source.

Having completed the literature rebview, you need to conclude by discussing any identified gaps or omissions in the sources you selected and make suggestions as to how the review could be further enhanced.

you also need to include a second reference for the general assignment.
i have managed to find a few of the articles that i would like you to use and im going to attach them should try and get the remaining.

they have to relate to adult nursing field, they have to be UK articles, and if possible only reseach articles.

i prefer the reference to be the Harvard way.

i also have a few textbooks that i would like you to use:

Parahoo, K. (2006) Nursing research. principles, process and Issues. (2nd ed). Basingstoke.:Palgrave.

Blaxter, L., Hughes, C., Tight, M. (2001). How to research. Buckingham Open University Press.

Lewith, G. Wayne, J. B., Walach, H. (2003). Clinical research in complementary therapies: principles, problems and solutions. London: Churchill Livingstone.