Consequences of college student cheating on an exams

Objectves: To prepare a casual-analysis essay of 750-1000 words that incorporates definition and classification.

Cheating comes in many varieties. Someone may copy a math problem from another students assignment. Another might pay a person to complete his homework for him. A common reason for cheating is a desire to complete a course or program quickly. Based on that reason (cause) for college students cheating, analyze the effects of such cheating (what happens as a result of the occurrence). Who is affected by the and how are they affected?

Pattern of Development: Casual analysis wth definition and classificaton

The essay must include a definition of the term chesting in the writers own words. In additon, the writer must classify the different effect resulting from a students decision to cheat.

Purpose: The purpose is twofold
1. To express the writers feelings about the practice of cheating on exams (primary Purpose) based on the consequences of another student cheating.
2. To inform readers about student cheating

Audience: Distance-education syudents, such as those enrolled in Penn Foster College, who may have consdered cheating on one or more of their exams.

Caution: The essay requires evidence only from your knowledge base, not evidence from outside sources. Actions will be taken towards students for plagiarism.