Consequences of exposure to negative internet content on a childs development

CCOU 302 Research Paper

The following template was designed for you, the student, in an attempt to provide a large amount of feedback for each of your assignments, more than could ever be hand written on any one assignment. You will see below all the areas that were objectively and thoroughly considered in the grading process, and how your performance was judged in each of these areas. Also, please notice that this is an additive, not subtractive method of grading. Therefore, instead of beginning with 390 and losing points for errors, students begin with 0 and earn points for the work they submit. The following template is a guideline for grading. The professor reserves the right to raise/lower a studentas final grade if it is believed template values have not been credited assignment appropriately.

Title Page 11
1 Assignment includes a Title Page
2 Page # and abbreviated title (2-3 words) top R corner & present throughout paper 5
3 Full title is appropriate and in proper place (see APA for good title content) 4
4 Student name and school in proper place (course # and student id # not necessary) 2

Assignment Presentation 150
5 The assignment is grammatically correct (including sentence structure) 40
6 Assignment is written in 3rd person (except in sections where personal reflection may be appropriate) 20
7 Headings are used to identify sections and organize structure 20
8 Text is organized and written in a coherent, succinct manner 35
9 Assignment is of proper length: 35

Assignment Content 184
10 The Assignment adequately addresses the topic outlined in the syllabus 70
11 Statements and positions are adequately supported by research 55
12 Assignment utilizes at least the required number of professional sources 35
13 Assignment includes an APA Reference Page citing research sources 12
14 Quotations are introduced, long quotes proper format, & not excessive 12

General APA and Abstract 45
16 Proper in text citations (present where necessary, APA format) 25
17 One inch margins (on L and R sides, top and bottom) 5
18 There is no additional space between paragraphs 5
19 Font size and style are correct (Times New Roman, 12 point font) 5
20 Abstract proper in: length (250 word max), APA (not indented, no references, etc) 5

Total Points 390