Conservation and environmental management

General Format–The body of the paper must be about five pages in total length. It should be tyed in size 12 font, and double-spaced with one inch margins. The paper MUST contain the following headings.

a. SYNOPSIS OF ARTICLE: Provide an approximately one and one -half to two page summary of the article, including its objective.

b. CRITIQUE: Develop and present a critical analysis of the article. This must include the identification of two issues or findings addressed in the article, and a succinct discussion of those two issues. Introduce points of view both for and against the issues, and present your views. Do not merely regurgitate information contained in the article, or simply state that you do or do not agree with the issues without providing supporting arguments.

c. CONCLUSION: Summarize your critique of the article in one-half page. Interpret your discussions of the issues and their overall implications to conservation.

Lastly I have pdfs of the complete instructions and the article to be used for this assignment that I will upload to the writer.