Consider baumans idea that central features of modernity underpinned the possibility and actuality of the holocaust.

Please, this essay has to be written by some one in this filed. and please again you have to follow the instruction. if yoy cant follow as instructed please dont do it.because it will be a fail for me . please some in this field so that they can understand what the question has to be written in simple english pls.offer a critical analysis and commentary on zygmunt baumans work.Evaluate how far the holocaust Exhibition reinforces or challenges this interpretation of the final soluation.Anarrative of the holocaust exbition and bauman thesis bring them together.pick out of the key themes of baumans ideas and point out why tey cause controversy with historians.The singular evil is associated with the final soluation but is taken away if associated with modernity.The implication of this is that it loses its singularity because stalin and mao Tse Tung were committed murder on a mass scale.Baumans work:From the reading it is not clear what role modernity plays,rather it is do with pre-modern thinking of jews as d killers of christ.neglect d impact of ww1 and its destructive effect.antisemitism in russia with jews known as money lenders .geocide of the jews was the culmination of a decade of nazi policy which began with the culling and euthanasia of the disabled etc.The final soluation was inplemented in stages.from 1933 there was state enforced racism.antijewish legislation,boycotts, aryanizatin,night of broken classes(kristallnacht),creation of ghettos in poland,deportation of jews to the ghettos,jews sent to the extermination camps:gassing,shooting,disease,starvation,6m deaths.if the holocaust is relative to modernity then how does it fit into the other forms of genocidee.g slaverydoes this relate to modernity?what about armenia and cleasing of the nationin diffrent parts of the yugosslavia,rwanda-are they definin features of the modern world?allthis is dabatable -can we blame modernity. some think holocaust is a controvesial thesis .Burleigh belive this typeof argument detract from understanding the singularity of the holocaust,that isit a unique expression of evil and annihilation with the assessment is to offer critical analysis and commentary on baumans work.part of that is in th holacaust exibition
zygmunt baumans work on the holocaust.

Holcaust exhibition and final solution.

Refrence must included zygmunt baumas book on the holocaust.Academc journals and books.please write has instructed have included more than enogh, and please call if you have any problem.