Consider theoretical interpretations of the uncanny in relation to the british film -THE WICKER MAN and/or DONT LOOK NOW

this is a british horror cinema essay.

FREUD quotes -the uncanny is undoubtedly related to what is frighteningto what arouses dread and horror
a) those things which relate to the notion of a double: a cyborg, a multiplied object: a ghost or a spirit, an involintary repetition of an act.
b) castration anxieties expressed as a fear of the female genitals or of dismembered limbs, a several head or hand, loss of the eyes, fear of going blind.
c) a feeling associated with a familiar/unfamiliar place, losing one;s way,womb phantasies, a haunted house.

-related to breakdown of borders and boundariessurfacing of repressed taboo/transgressive desires.
-the uncanny, like the abject, presents a threat to the subjects identity.

Babara creed.

also i do not want a film review! the essay needs to concentrate on the term the uncanny.

if this essay is too difficult to do then could u write an essay on this title instead
consider the construction and significance of zombies in the british horror28days later, the plague of the zombies and hellraiser.

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