Consider yourself study in another country.

talk about yourself, you are from different country then you went to USA to study, include the new perspective gained from the story.

You must find a way to not only tell your story well but also you must include the new perspective gained in the time since the event. Find a genre that you think might work well for this aspect of the paper and decide where it makes sense to put it. It could come at the beginning to show the reader immediately where the story is going. It could come at the end to cap the story. It could even be broken into pieces and distributed throughout the piece. Basically, this is the place that lets your reader know why this story is so important to you that you chose it for this paper.


a? Choosing appropriate genres and observing the conventions of those genres

a? Telling a coherent, interesting story across multiple genres without repeating information from

genre to genre

a? Reflecting on the new perspective you have gained since the experience

a? Giving yourself and each of your characters real personality within the genres

a? Meeting formatting requirements and including the correct number of genres from each


a? Having all parts of a story (Introduction, plot, characters, setting, conflict, and conclusion)

a? Proofreading your work so that it appears neat and professional. Choosing clear/vivid details.