Construction field ) differences between iron and steel

What are some of the salient differences between iron and steel? Discuss the
various forming processes for steel: how are structural shapes produced, how are
the weights and thicknesses of a structural shape changed. Contrast this with the
production of iron shapes and forms as well as the production of light-gauge

An introductory paragraph: states the thesis; includes an introduction to the main
statement and brief supporting documentation.
A main statement that includes some technical commentary and
documentation: use the text and the handouts provided to you, and six, (6),
additional sources. Include citations in full MLA format, complete with a works
cited page.
Include references to a built project, (illustrative), or similar example, in the main
statement, and show an illustration of the project or example.
A concluding paragraph: this paragraph restates the thesis, and includes some
concluding summary remarks.