Construction of identity(module) essay title is what is a crisis of identity? Has contemporary westren society contributed to this phenomenon?Discuss.

essay Question: What is a crisis of identity? Has contemporary Western society contributed to this phenomenon? Discuss.Now to answer this question, look at what kathy woodward says about identity either in her 1997 book:Concepts of identity and differencein woodward (ed.) Identity and difference or in 2000 book:questions of identity in Questioning identity. use other books like Hall,s.(1996)who need identity in Hall,s & Du Gay, p. (eds) questions of cultural identity. Sarup,M. (1996)identity and narrative and identity and the unconsciousin Sarup, m> identity, culture and the postmodern world. use also recent articles, journals, or the net but do not plagarised. i repeat you must use these books that i have listed down and journals o.k.
Havard system of referencing. Each paragraph must be reference please with the author last name, year and the page number. and biblography