Consultant for increasing the profitability of the company

Background information and work 1. Read the case study on  Suprema Cars in Market Leader Upper Intermediate Business English Course Book pp. 52 and 53 (New Edition 2006). 2. Listen to the extract from the conversation between Jack Dexter, Managing Director, and his, Finance Director, Anita Taylor and/or read the text of the conversation on page 163 of Market Leader. 3. Use the example of a report on  Building Better Partnerships to help you in the layout and organisation of your report. You can find this example by following the link  guidelines in week 38 on my Website. Assignment This is an individual writing task. You may use your notes from the class discussion but your written submission should be your own work. As a member of the Suprema Cars management team, write a report for Jack Dexter, Managing Director, analysing the options suggested by the management consultant for increasing the profitability of the company. Make recommendations on what Suprema Cars should do. Marks will be awarded for clarity of expression, appropriate use of language, and structure and presentation of the document. The content should show evidence of understanding of the different types of risk, ability in the evaluation and ranking of the risks associated with each option and ability in communicating the evaluation and recommendations in writing.