Consumer behaviour in the ethnic food market

Hi Arnold.
i hope u doing fine, i am back again, the work u did last for me was great, it came back after i put it through turnitin as 1%, i want to thank you for that.
now i have the desertation, i need 2000 words to write about attitude and perception of muslim, alreadt their is some writen, i am sending you what has been writen so far so you will avoid duplication, after u do that work i will be coming back to do more work on this project, you will be doing the discution of findings, please feel free to read through my work and suggest what i need to use in regard to the purpos of the paper, i am also attatching the field you need to explore when you write please pay attention to the words in red, it is important you stress on these , issues, if u have any quieries please dont hesiytate to contact me