Consumer behaviour Individual Report: observation of consumer shopping/browsing behaviour.

2000 word report.
You are to choose a shopping location. This can be a high street or shopping mall, such as Victoria Quarter, Leeds City centre, Horsforth High Street etc. You will spend 30 minutes observing consumers in this location and your written report will consist of the following: ( any highstreet shops like ones in many city centres)

a? Location details, including date and time of observation (NB the pre-Christmas period)
[5 marks]

a? Section introducing the theoretical concepts of consumer and shopping behaviour, using a range of references (text book, journal articles, professional websites etc) (25 marks)

a? Section explaining the theories of observation as a research approach, again using a range of references [25 marks]

a? Write up of your observation: approximate numbers of people and overview of types (such as broad demographics); types of shops/retail outlets; how people appear to conduct their shopping/browsing etc and link this to the theories [35 marks]

a? Proper citation and referencing; professional report format; well written and organised
[10 marks]

Referencing Requirements:
You will find information about all aspects of this module all around you and remember you are consumers yourselves. You will need to look at newspapers and read the appropriate journals, magazines and periodicals, as well as websites to inform yourself about current developments in marketing, international marketing and consumer activities. Take note also of the media and advertisements, how they are put together and their content and messages.

Some of the important journals are:

European Journal of Marketing
Journal of Consumer Psychology
Journal of Consumer Research
Journal of International Marketing
Journal of Marketing

can you please use a range of refferances (webites books journals etc) to back up your points and cleary structure then in the bibliography.