Consumer value in retail channels to market: the high street, the internet and mail order

reailers employing a multichannel strategy are faced with a number of challenges and whilst there exists a body of research dealing with consumer behaviour issues with regard to high street shopping and growing body of resaerch addressing consumer behaviour issues with regard to online shopping, little research exists that deals with issues of how a consumer behaves when faced with retailers who offer multiple channels to market.
you are to carry out an investigation into what values consumers obtain from each of the various channels that retailers offer to market, namely the high street retailer, catalogue and internet retail channels. this will involve:
undertaking secondary research (literature review)to establish underlying theories regarding consumer behaviour values within a shopping context.
undertaking primary research in order to ask consumers how do they go about shopping when faced with various channels to market; do they use all of the channels and what values do they derive from each of the channels.
in undertaking your primary research you are to adopt a qualitative approach, drawing upon a sample of young consumers between the age of 18-25 years who had access to the internet . indepth semi-structured interviews are to be conducted focusing upon the most recent consumer product purchase undertaken by the interview bought from a retailer that offered more than one channel to market. you are required to interview 5 people in total. your interviews may be either students or shoppers selected from the general population.
the findings derived from your interviews are to be analysed and written up in the form of a research paper.

the content of the research paper will include: abstract, introduction, literature review, research method, results and analysis of data, conclusion, limitations &

presentation of research paper:
double line spacing used
5000 words long
title:8 words long
include an autobiographical note
100-150 words abstract
include up to 6 keywords
methodology must be described under a sparate heading
heading must be short & not numbered
notes or endnotes should be used only if absolutely necessary
figures, tables, charts and diagrams should be kept to a minimum, should have titles and be numbered e.g. table 1:backgrounds of respondents.
the paper must include references crossreferenced in the text of your report .harvard style of referencing must be used and all sources must be acknowledged.
pages must be numbered
a contents page is not required
to identify one theory in literature
Literature review secondary researh:
Objectives ( to do list)
1. To define the scope of consumer value 2. To establish the extent of mult-channel retailing 3. To identify what value consumers define from each of three main P.R. retail channels to market
Structure of the literature reivew: an introduction and subheadings
please have look the Attached Instructions , have more detail and
barry j. babin b j. darden w. r & griffin m. (1994) work and/or fun: measuring hedonic and utilitarian shopping value journal of consumer research