Contemporary artistic representations of males and females

Representation Paper Assignment

1. The project should deal with some kind of visual representation(s): advertisements, a scene or scenes from a t.v. show or movie, art, cartoons, and so on (i.e., NOT written representations in novels, poetry, song, etc.)

2. Your analysis should be based on or inspired by the readings on representation in Grewal & Kaplan. For instance, you could use Berger to talk about contemporary artistic representations of males and/or females; examine current examples of the gay marketing moment (Gluckman and Reed); analyze the deployment of the exotic in contemporary advertising or reality television shows (Williamson), and so on.

3. In your analysis you MUST make reference to and USE at least two of the readings for section three in Grewal & Kaplan on representation. (You may of course refer to more than two, and you may also bring in other materials.) This does not mean however that you simply Applythe findings of, say, Berger, to your materials. You may in fact determine that Berger doesnt much help explain the particular representation you use, or that his model requires some modification, 40 years after it was written.

The Text Book We Are Using is called: An Introduction to Womenas Studies; Gender in a Transitional World

Basically, we are supposed to gather a group of in my case images relating to the topic that I, chose which was the contemporary artistic representation of males and females by Berger. (I will include this article). We are to describe what is going on in the articles thoroughly.