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Required: Current Issues and Enduring Questions, 10th ed. and A Writeri??s Reference, Buffalo State Custom edition (note: stu-dents attending other colleges who are enrolled in the course may use the 7th edition of AWR and are not required to buy the custom edition).

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7June 30 Homework reading assignment: A Modest Proposal 220-227. Please post a question or comment by 11:00pm today, June 30.

Swifti??s A Modest Proposal was meant to shock the audience. The situation in Ireland at that time was shocking. The hungry poor beggars were a menace due to the English blockade of Ireland during Swifti??s time. The point Swift was trying to make was classes existed. The poor children could be taken at a year and eaten. The class differences were wide. In effort to point out the differences, Swift used a ridiculous argument for a ridiculous problem. Have the beggars starve would be just as horrible as eating beggar babies once the age of one. It must also be noted that infantile murders of children under the age of one was not unusual in Swifti??s time. I wonder if he was serious with his modest proposal, or just joking.

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Note Please: the letter of reflection (see the example on 29-31 in AWR)