Contemporary public policy : theoretical perspectives

Students who choose the posting option will be required to make a 1500 word
posting on FLO answering all of discussion questions listed for the relevant

Discussion questions:
a) How is quality of government understood by Rothstein and his colleagues?

b) What is significant of the quality of government argument for public policy
reform in modern societies?


Holmberg, S., Rothstein, B. & Nasiritousi, N. a?Quality of Government: What You
Geta, Annual Review of Political Science, 12, 2009, pp. 135a 61.

Rothstein, B. & Teorell, J. a?What Is Quality of Government? A Theory of Impartial
Government Institutionsa, Governance, Vol. 21, No. 2, 2008, pp. 165a 190.

Additional References

Rothstein, B., a?Happiness and the Welfare Statea, Social Research, Vol. 77, No. 2,
2010, pp. 1-28.

The material produced by the Quality of Government Institute, Department of
Political Science, University of Gothenburg University is extensive and can be
accessed online at

Postings donat have to be formal essays with full elaboration and referencing.
Nevertheless, they should constitute cogent answers to the discussion questions.
The main purpose of this exercise is for you to identify key issues in the readings
for the topic in question and to present some of their own views about them in
your answers. It is appropriate to make some brief connections of the issues
raised on the reading material to your own experience drawing on examples and
illustrations from your own professional knowledge and background.