Contemporary recreation, sports, or tourism legal issue

Individual Student Papers

Students are expected to prepare a short, typed, research paper on a contemporary recreation, sports, or tourism legal issue. The subject of the paper will be agreed upon jointly by the instructor and the student. The paper will follow either APA or legal writing guidelines. Paper will be four to five pages in length (not including bibliography and title page). To receive full credit, the paper must reflect the students readings, research, and critical thinking. The student has two options or a combination of two options. They can read and analyze two or more legal cases on the same subject area and then express their option as to what they believe. They can read not less than three articles, summarize them and then express their option as to what they believe. A successful report writer will read their cases or articles making detailed notes prior to writing the paper. The paper actually summarizes the reading and thinking process of the student. Critical thinking consists of objective criticism, analysis, and drawing conclusions from ideas found in materials. The writing effort will normally require law library investigation and research of the issue. Please note that a three to five page report that summarizes your research findings may be more difficult to write than a long detailed report. It is your thinking and analytical skills that this paper will explore and will form the basis of your grade.

Your research paper will be evaluated using the following criteria: Creativity, presentation (grammar and spelling) 10%; completeness that includes cover page, introduction, summary, conclusion, references 25%; Content of summary, use of quotations, and citations 60%; References (APA format) 5%.