Content analysis of the Ebola outbreak in The New York Times newspaper.

im in the middle of carrying out my research ; a content analysis research on the new york times newspaper on the coverage of the Ebola outbreak .This research is mainly to look at on what aspects of Ebola have and have not been communicated through the media ( in this case the new york times). Primarily, this research is intended to examine the nature and extent of coverage about Ebola for one year period ( from March 2014 till March 2015), Im in the middle of collecting the data and trasferring it to SPSS right now where I have 144 samples. My main focus would be on the main themes/topic discussed (economic& undervelopment issues, political issues, ebola prevention and protection, research, social issue, funding and financing, ebola transmission, travel issue, ebola rates and statistics, risk for treating patient, ethics,rulling out case, need for global response, helper and volunteers, government oversigt, panic, fear and anxiety or others), the main actors ( the international organization, the health profesionals, the African government, the victims in Africa, United States or other countries, U.S government, NGOS, U.S based agencies, travellers,activists etc) the main area of focus( United States, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia etc) and also the sources (Health experts, non medical institution, concer groups, universities, resarch or case studies, government officials, victim and more) used in the newspaper articles. The literature review should focus on how the western newspaper cover such pandemic ( like ebola, h1n1, sars or others similar pandemic) and what are the main focus and wha
The reference should be in harvard style.

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The literature review maybe can be about the role of media in disseminating the information and how public rely on the media when it comes to news like this,how the public see the world through the lens of media, trends of western media in covering the international news spesifically in this kind of pandemic ( Ebola or other similar pandemic like H1N1, SARS, etc) , trend of reporting the Ebola outbreak, how the media frame the news (what is being communicated and what are among the things that being emphasis by the western media like the most common themes, (The New York Times specifically) when reporting this kind of news .

Here is my coding sheet that I am now using it to carry out my research on the coverage of ebola outbreak in the new york times newspaper for you reference.