Content based instruction can make ESL teaching more effective in korea by blending lg & culture

Pls, send this instruction to the writer #3017.
First, I need a hand out and its detail explanation for the presentation.
Its for 15 mins.
Ill attach the sample handout of Ss presented today, but this is not a exellent sample ,but exceptable.
* procegure of the handout that professor gave us is :
1.purpose of study :
1) theoretical orientations
2) The research questions
2. Method
3. results
4. conclusion
5. critique (which discussed in Paper)

I think 1 or 1 and half pages may be enough, so pls write main points of each part only.
Second, can you write me the short explanation that I can present for each part? becaue the handout is only for the main points ,but there must be presented some explanation by oraly when we present. ( we just dont read the hand out. isnt it?)

When you write the explanation for the hand out, pls identify with the number which is the same number on the hand out and the sentence that you explain about.

Thank you.