Continuing influence of original colonies

Make connections between colonial America and the United States today. Locate two recent news articles that show the continuing influence of the distinctive political, economic or cultural/social characteristics of the original colonies for each of the three regions of the original colonies/states. You should have a total of six articles.
For each of the three regions, write a wella?developed onea?page (singlea?spaced) summary (1) briefly describing and explaining the reasons for its particular character (political, economic, cultural/social) and (2) explaining how the news in your articles reflects the character to the related region. Attach copies of the related articles to each onea?page summary.
it doesnt have to be in a certain format and it would be very nice if you could put the link you found the article at on the same page of the paper so i know which ones to print out and attach. above i put chicago style but it doesnt have to in in any style. it didnt have the option of not having a style.