Continuous of microbiology review questions

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Lateral Transfer

1. Why is lateral transfer of DNA a more potent way than mutation for generating diversity or versatility among a population of microorganisms? Where might lateral transfer occur in nature?

2. Give some examples of traits that are often swapped among microorganisms? What are some bacteria that have gained pathogenicity as a result of lateral gene transfer?

3. How is genetic recombination useful for lateral transfer?

4. What is transformation? What gets transformed? How is the DNA made available for transformation?

5. Describe Griffith s experiments that first demonstrated genetic transformation.

6. How is conjugation different than transformation? How can genes on the donor chromosome get transferred to the recipient cell?

7. Describe transduction. What are some bacterial pathogens that rely on transduction for their pathogenicity?

8. How can transposons generate diversity among a population of bacteria?