Contraception Mandate in ACA , American policy

I want you to write a memo to a politician explaining why we are advocating the contraception mandate act in the U.S.

Please read out final research paper Attached before writing this memo 20% of my grade is on the memo so please follow instructions carefully.

here is my instructors remarks:
All memos must answer the question of how you would choose to approach the policy problem using all of the following: values conflicts, problem framing, domains, solutions.
choose one:
Journalist: Explain how to thoroughly cover the story.
Government worker: Explain your organizations role in the policy process, including implementation.
Advocate: Explain how/where to advocate for a particular solution.
Policy analyst: Explain the issues conflicts to a policymaker objectively.
Researcher: Justify a research question based on the evidence and framed by a policy process theory.