Contract law……full question attached as pdf!

please may i have a writer who is english. i need at least 10 cases/statutes etc.
i desperately need a 2:1 for this piece of work or i will fail the year.

the question is:
Law School
Graduate Diploma in Law

Maggie owns a shop that sells handmade cakes. She wishes to purchase large cake
boxes. Maggie arranges to visit the Surbiton offices of  Boxes & Things , a company
that supplies cake boxes. Maggie decides to travel to Boxes & Things by train from
King s Loo Station.
At King s Loo Station, Maggie goes to a ticket machine on the station concourse.
Beside the machine is a notice stating that  English Rail will not be liable for any loss or
damage howsoever caused. As Maggie cannot get the ticket machine to work, she
goes to the ticket office. There she buys a return ticket to Surbiton from the attendant.
The reverse side of the ticket contains the following wording:  This ticket for travel is
issued subject to English Rail s standard terms and conditions which can be found
online at uk/terms. Maggie puts the ticket in her pocket without
looking at it. Clause 12 of English Rail s standard terms and conditions states that:
 English Rail will not be liable for any loss or damage howsoever caused.
After Maggie has boarded the train, she slips on the floor of the carriage, spraining her
ankle and damaging her new coat. English Rail staff had failed to clean up after
another passenger had spilt tea on the floor.
When Maggie eventually arrives at the offices of Boxes & Things she emphasises to
the owner, Victoria Sponge, that she needs boxes measuring 40cm x 40cm x 20cm to
hold the large cakes which she sells. Victoria agrees to supply 1000 boxes to Maggie
and says that they will be delivered the following week. When the boxes arrive, Maggie
discovers that 25 of them have the dimensions 40cm x 40cm x 15cm and are not big
enough to hold the large cakes. Maggie thinks that she can get the boxes more
cheaply elsewhere and wants to return the boxes and get her money back.
Advise the parties as to their rights and remedies in the law of contract.

please answer this question as best as you can and only contain english cases or those used for contract law in england as well as english statutes.