Contrast the textbook chapter one with primary source


Compare and contrast textbook chapter 1 with at least two of the primary sources assigned for week 2. Make a clear, specific argument about the strengths and/or weaknesses of each.

650-1000 words (approximately 2-3 pages).
Follow the format from the syllabus.
Cite all material from other sources (including anything from lectures and/or class discussions).
NO OUTSIDE SOURCES (only sources from this class).
Be sure to consult the grading rubric on blackboard (under the Assignments section).

Possible Questions/Approaches/Resources to Consider (Optional):
Pick one topic or a few topics to focus on.
What information is the same in both? What is different? Why?
Why does the perspective of the author(s) matter?
How is the audience significant?
Go through a primary source analysis (modeled during week 1).
Use the Thesis Development document available on blackboard (under the Assignments section).