Contraversial Issue utilized by George W. Bush during his presidency

Do detailed research on your issue, including the history of its use by other presidents.
Discuss the role played by Congress, courts, and the people in relation to your issue. Is there a proper balancing of power, and checks and balances, between the president and the other branches of government? Utilizing your research issue, what could the other branches of government do to create the proper balance?
1. COVER PAGEthe title, name(Leslie Agustin), class title(political science 1), day and time( T, TH 3:34-5:05), and the semester (Spring 2008).
2. INTRODUCTIONthis part must include a definition of the subject of this paper, a statement of the issue, and your thesis.
3. CONSTITUTIONAL, STATUTORY, AND OTHER LEGAL SOURCESWhere do you finf the issue discussed:the Constitution, laws, treaties, executive orders, court decisions, polocies, and regulations.
4. ADDITIONAL SOURCESStudies, surveys, interviews, and articles that provide a variety of positions and statistics.
5. ARGUE THE VARIOUS SIDES OF THE ISSUEInclude all your sources to support possible positions on your thesis. However, you will describe the ositive and negative factors of each side of your research issue, always concluding with the reasons that your position should prevail.
6.CONCLUSIONWhich position do you believe is correct?Support your position with facts, not mereley opinion.
7. REFERENCESMinimum of 5 sources,List each source in both the body of the paper and on the back reference page.Every quote and fact must be referenced. Wikipedia is not a reference.
8. FOOTNOTESInclude footnotes, when appropriate, in the body of your report.
9 LENGTH OF THE PAPERthe body of the paper must be 8-10 pages, not including the cover page and the reference page, 12 point font, typed, normal margins.

I was thinking about the contraversial issue utilized by George W. bush to be about abortion, or hurricane katrina. I dont care if you pick one of my topics as long as you pick the best contraversial utilized by Bus Jr. to write about. Make it good!! THANK YOU!!!