Contribution of HR Department in an organisation

Compile a 1250 word essay on the following title:-

Read Article  The Role of HR in uncertain times
Article provided at the end of the brief.
Discuss the contribution of HRM in relation to organisational change with particular reference made to the current economic climate

Learning Outcomes Assessed

” Identify the contribution of HR Department in an organisation

Assessment Criteria

” Evidence of reading and research
(beyond that covered in the lectures and recommended text).

” Demonstrate an understanding and knowledge of the activities a HR department undertake on behalf of the organisation;

” Identify why this function is important and the need for the change;

” Evidence of appropriate referencing, spell checking and grammar.

” Using the word limit as a limit and not a guide. Students will be penalised if they do not stick to the word limit of 1250 words.


The question is clearly instructing students to look at the role of HR activity in the current economic climate.

Researching definitions of HRM is an important step to begin with. Look at the HR role and the importance of the HR manager in an organisation.

In the first instance the HR role primarily concerned with the people resource of the organisation. In addition HRM plays a role of managing the relationships between the employees and the management.

HRM role is to identify the needs and wants of employees within the organisation so it is better placed to deliver a competitive advantage in its industry.

HRM role is to undertake to ensure that planning needs are addressed according to the organisations strategic objectives.

HRM role is also to ensure effective policies and procedures are in place to take the organisation forward in the marketplace whilst compliant to employment legislation.

” Please make sure that All information and references are related to the UK books and writing style.