Contributions of Nursing to the promotion of public health

3000 word written assignment
With reference to appropriate theory and policy, and using examples from current practice, evaluate the contribution of nursing to the promotion of public health. Please I want your best writer, and this essay must be one of the best as your writers does not do this job to our satisfaction kindly take note and give me a good essay, references must be books, journals and articles.

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Please follow all my instructions, sources should 40, from books, articles and journals. we need to be specific, for mine talk about obesity how nurses can contribute to this. Talk about Nursing and Midwifery NMC recommendations in regards to what they expect nurses should interms of promoting health, policies, theories and strategies framework put in place. Follow my instructions 3000 words pls dont go over like the last time. Introduction must be really good and refrences, incite reference pls very important evidence base to back up what ever you say. Follow this format sample that I have attached dont copy this please, it is someoneS work and send about 600 words by Monday to me in order check pls. This is just the marking criteria for you to follow.

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is not additional work is just the marking criteria