Control abandoned dogs and cats by student

1. please write a formal proposal to research the problem. the proposal should demonstrate a depth of knowledge about the subject and its history
2. the proposal should be persuasive that a problem exists, that it is important, that you understand it, and that you are knowledgeable enough to solve it
3. follow instructions behind that my professor said
Statement of the Problema?
What is wrong? What is lacking? What is unknown? And most important, what is the felt need? it is important to analyze your intended audience. Who will be reading and evaluating your proposal? Are they the same as the people who will benefit from your work? How familiar are they with the subject? What do they know? Need to know? Why should they be interested in your proposal? Why is the problem or need important to the readers of your proposal?
Statement of the Objectivesa?
Defining the problem is different from defining what is to result from the work–objectives are realistic and reasonable goals that can be achieved from the work. What are you going to do about it?What are the objectives or goals of the work you are proposing? What are the expected results if the work is done the way you propose?
Review of the Literature and Previous Worka?
examines the history of the research/work already done on the subject, its strengths and weaknesses, and the conclusions that the researchers came to about the subject. What previous work has been done in the area of this problem and who has done it? What were their findings? How does my intended research fit in to this larger context of work done on my problem?
The methods section states–in clear, logical order–how you will achieve the objectives you have already set out. It provides an Outlineof the steps you will take to conduct your primary research and compose your final project. It does not include your hunt for or discovery of secondary research i.e. the work published by others.
This section describes the physical facilities needed to perform or support the work and answers the question, What physical support is available or what are the physical resources that you have? This physical support should be discussed in specifics, such as what libraries, universities, computers, labs, office space, relevant equipment. You want to show that you have enough resources to reassure the funder that they will not have to pay for infrastructure. Above all, reviewers need to be convinced that the facilities are adequate.a?a?
Personnel (Research Proposals)a?
This section describes your human support and answers the questions, Who will do the work? What are their qualifications? Here a proposer provides biographical sketches of those doing the work. These can be expanded into resumes as well, included here or in an appendix and should include previous work and any publications.a?a?
Budget and Schedulea?
How much will it cost and how long will it take? Reasonability is the standard here, so be realistic. List in detail the categories of expenses and justify each expense and the time needed to complete each phase
Expected Results and Evaluation Plan (Research Proposals)a?
This section is your chance to reiterate for the sponsor what he/she will get out of your doing this work. It is a statement of what the researcher expects to find and how he/she proposes to disseminate that information to the larger community of scholars and researchers. It contemplates accountability. Who will evaluate the work?a?a?

4. I submitted a memo about what will I write for this proposal, so please follow my steps and ideas, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TO: the Vice President for Finance Department in ACPCA
FROM: Mei Ian Kuok, the Management of Event Planning

The increasing number of abandoned dogs and cats has become a very serious problem in the USA. It causes a lot of dogs and cats world be euthanized after entering to shelters in short time since pet overpopulation. However, students who are one of main targets are unable taking care their pets and give up them easily. Many students decide to have a pet only in few years and abandon them because of graduation, movement or money issue.
1. Government should create some rules about it a¦a¦.
2. Adopting a pet instead of pet storesa¦a¦
3. To suggest people to spayed and neutered their dogs and cats is the best solution to control the problema¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦