Controversial issues in education Is home education beneficial for children?

Using the following paper as a source (Rothermel, P. (2003) i??Can we classify motives for home education?, Evaluation and Research in Education, 17(2/3) pp.274-89.) write a critical extended essay about is home education beneficial for children?

Intro (500 words)
Analysis of literature (2000/2500words)
Critique (500/1000)
Conclusion (500 words)

Discuss why your selected issue is controversial. This will probably involve evaluating deep-seated ideological underpinnings.
2. Outline and evaluate different views on your issue. At this level of study you are expected to go beyond the suggested seminar and presentation readings. You will need to identify additional relevant material: the role of the tutor is to offer guidance. You will need not only to report the evidence, but also to examine the ideas and assumptions of the author(s) and evaluate the way in which evidence has been gathered and reported.
3. Support your evaluation through an in-depth study of relevant evidence. Such evidence could take a number of forms, for example:
i?? Policy documents (from national and local government agencies, from educational institutions)
i?? Articles or reports containing relevant research findings
i?? Syllabuses and curriculum texts
You may find it helpful to identify a focus for your study: for instance, a particular level of government organisation, a particular school of local authority, a particular locality, a curriculum stage or age-range.
4. In an essay of this length it is important to think carefully about structure. It is worthwhile giving time and effort to planning your essay and making use of the individual tutorial time available to talk this through.
5. 4,000 words give you the space to evaluate the nature of the public and research debates on your particular subject. You will be able to consider public and media debate and/or policy debate as well as academic literature (though you need to be careful in your writing to distinguish between the two). You can also consider the nature of the evidence base (this might mean a discussion of the pros and cons of the research methods used and how these influence the conclusions drawn). You may want to do this in a section after your introduction. If your topic is a current policy one, and less research evidence is available, this may be a substantial section.