Controversial word with more than one meaning

argue definmition of 1000 WORDS 3 sources 3 peices of evidence /examples thesis statement highlighted ,color code sourcesI wil l send ruby rubric she goes by donot use you Outline introduce your topic and build your readers interestbegin with a brief story or example that illustrates how hard the word is to define,State your thesis towards the beginning of the essay and highlight it ot put it in a colored font. History lay out the history of the word what doe it mean in a few different dictionaries what did it mean at one time basically what has the word been through in the past(think of the changes the word cool has gone through.Example dive into at three deatailed examples tjat backk up the true definition of the word using stories examples synonyms. Optional paragraph now explain how this affects daily life, daily conversations. how can the reader use what you have argued. Conclusion to conclude wrap up where the word has been how it change and what it means for the audience. I need this in double spaced October 8 due