Controversy whether or not Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a part of the communism due to his relationship with Fidel Castro

1. Research paper should be 8 to 10 pages double-spaced, including your citations page.
New Roman
2. The citations page should be in MLA format style as discussed in class and should be placed on the last page. Please Note: Your citations page counts as 1 page only. Carefully check both this guide and the checklist to ensure that you include each item required for submission of your project. Your research project includes:
a? Use of required resources
a? Correct parenthetical citations
a? A Works Cited page that corresponds exactly to the parenthetical citations within the paper
3. Be sure to use the MLA format guide, OWL, or Easybib to help with all of your formatting.

4. The REQUIRED sources to be used for your research paper include: 1 book, 1 scholarly journal article, and 1 other source of your choosing (i.e. web source, video source, audio source (i.e. interview)). You may use more than three sources if necessary.
5. Editing is the key to a wellorganized paper. Note: You will turn in 1. Thesis, 2. Outline, 3. Working bib, 4. Draft, 5. Final Draft as part of your complete RP grade.
6. Your paper should be typed, double spaced in 12 pt. Times font.

Important note,

I will add up my name prof name and date myself. Please it cannot be a copy and paste work since I have to submit this paper in to verify that there is not plagiarismother ways I will not get a grade.