Conversation with my father by grace paley

1. Based on your reading of the story, what can you conclude about the relationship between the father and daughter in A Conversation with My Father”? In your opinion, do they have a good relationship? Pay attention not just to what theyare saying to each other but the way they say it -their tone -and be sure to Illustrate what youre saying with specific examples from the story.

2. Notice how there are two small stories (the first very small!) within the overall story of a?A Conversation with My Father.a? Looking closely at the small stories and the larger story, how do these a?embeddeda? stories within A Conversation with My Fatherrelate to and contribute to what happens in the overall story, or to what the author Grace Paley might be doing or trying to achieve with this story. Illustrate what youre saying with examples.

3. What is one overall response that you have to this story? Take some time to explain, with specific references to what happens in it. (Note: a specific reference is usually just when you point to particular parts of the text, putting it into your own words.)