Convicted felons in the workforce vs human resource management

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PAPER You are to select a specific topic related to human resource management and submit the topic to the professor for approval not later than Sunday, January 18, 2009. You are to submit an outline, reference list and a one page executive summary of your paper to the instructor not later than Sunday, January 25, 2008. Choose your topic carefully. This paper should be useful to you. You will locate at least ten (10) academic journal articles (2001 Present) pertaining to that topic. You will then create an informative paper in which you will provide:
1. The title for the paper and a half page abstract of your paper.
2. A short introduction of your topic based on the articles you found.
3. The main body of the paper should contain information of how this topic is important in relation to each of the five functions of human resource management: planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling; or alternatively, how this topic is important in relation to the legal realm of human resource management.
4. A short summary of your topic.
5. A reference list of at least 10 recent 2001 to present articles which you choose to use.
You may submit your topic to the professor for approval at his e-mail address prior to the start of the class. Your paper must be typed, double spaced, with approximately one inch margins, top, bottom, and sides. There is no specific page requirement or limit. However, remember that this paper is worth thirty percent 30% of your final grade. Students must complete this portion of the course to receive a passing grade.
6. Objectives of the HRM Paper:
A. To demonstrate your writing ability.
B. To demonstrate your ability to compare and contrast in depth legal issues related to the work place.
C. To understand the legal implications to which a human resource manager can expose his/her employer to liability.