Cooperative learning in physical education

This section will be added to my literature review. Please follow the instruction carefully.

I want you to write between 2000 words

In this section I want an introduction about cooperative learning in physical education, definition of cooperative learning. I will provide you with some article under title i??general cooperative learningi?? you can mention them in the introduction as cooperative learning have been studied in some areas such as i??i?? the cite the articles (author, year). Then you can talk about cooperation in physical education, which is the focus in my research.

Then write about cooperative learning in physical education and the benefits to the students, how they feel about it?, what can they learn ?i??

I will provide you with 15 articles. The first eight articles under title (i?? summary cooperative learning 1 to 8i??) you need to summarise them in detailed. The other seven articles under name i?? general cooperative learningi?? these seven articles you can use them when you write the introduction you can mention them as I explained before and cite them.

The five articles under name i?? summary cooperative learning 1 to 8i?? you need to summarise them in detailed.

When you are doing the summary you need to:
a) Write the title and the authors,
b) Introduce the article.
c) The aim of the article.
d) Write about methodology used in the study.
e) Write about the main findings.

I want you to use i??Harvard referencei??.
Just to remind you: when you write a definition with a quotations ( i?? i??) you need to put ( author, year, and page number ).
If you paraphrasing you just need (author, year).
Remember that you can add some references for defining peer teaching.

Added on 11.02.2015 18:55
as i mentioned for the general articles you need to mention all of them in a short sentence and cite them ( author, year).

Added on 11.02.2015 19:04
if you find any research papers or subjects about cooperative learning in Arab countries especially ( Kuwait or saudi Arabia…. ) please add them if you need to writ more word thats fine.