Council of Europe convention on trafficking of women .

You need to justify Human Rights Instrument as the chosen topic is A Council of Europe convention on trafficking of women .
To answer these question in this assignment:
Why is this group in need of protection?

Why is the right to development of particular importance to this group?
-How are womens rights affected in the process of trafficking, case study/
-What previous legislation had been put in place to deal with the trafficking problem?
-Case study 2, women trafficked from outside the EU.
-A conclusive chapter, based on previous findings

You will find some information here
default_en.asp .

Look at this is the main NGO in Ireland which works with the issue of women and trafficking specifically.

Focus on the rights and needs of victims, and make it a UN level document. You could focus explicitly on the sex industry if you want, as the rights and needs here might be particular.
Harvard referencing