Create a report critically analysing investigative decision making

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The principles that guide the marking grades are:

1. There should be a clear differentiation between levels
2. Within a level, the marking bands should be clearly identified
3. Markers should be able to grade a piece of work by considering the relative position of the work with respect to a number of key factors

For each level, criteria are used to break up the general level descriptor into marking bands to enable the marker to correctly award a mark for the work. You will see that there are separate descriptions for A+, A and Aand for FM and F. For the B, C and D bands, a marker should look at the descriptor for that band and decide whether the work overall fits near to the descriptor above (in which case the mark would be B+, C+ or D+), near to the descriptor below (in which case the mark would be B-, Cor D-) or right in the middle (in which case the mark would be B, C or D).

Within each descriptor there are key elements that will help the marker to make a decision about whether the work fits that band. These key elements cover:
a? knowledge,
a? critical thinking,
a? application,
a? evaluation
a? communication
The marker assesses the extent to which these elements are addressed in the piece of work, albeit that the elements will be interpreted through assessment criteria.

It is most likely that the piece of work marked will be at different levels with respect to some (or all) of these elements so the mark arrived at should best reflect the overall positioning of the work.

General Level Descriptors
These general descriptors are to help you to get a feel for the general expectation you should have of work at that level. They should be used in conjunction with the more detailed level descriptors.

Level 7
Work at this level should display mastery of a complex and specialised area of knowledge. Students should have now developed a deep and systematic understanding within one or more specialised fields of study. Their work should show evidence of currency in their knowledge and understanding of theoretical constructs. Work should show a high level of appreciation of context. The student should now be working with initiative and should autonomously seek out support from a number of sources. The work produced should demonstrate a high level of abstraction and criticality. Application of knowledge should now show flexibility as well as creativity and synthesis should be well considered. Evaluation of complex and competing ideas should be nearly second nature and the student should now be able to show solutions to any identified problems. Communication should now be of a professional standard.