Create a unit plan on a health topic or issue

For this assignment, you will be creating a Unit Plan, an orderly, self-contained collection of activities educationally designed to meet a set of objectives. Your Unit Plan will be an organized collection of materials and components for 5 contact hours with a specifically identified target population (e.g. unit plan created for 4th grade class), and focused on one health topic or issue.

Your Unit Plan should include the following components/sections:

1. Overview a paragraph or two describing the setting of where the unit will be offered
a. Ages of participants, or grade level
b.Number of meetings, and duration (must equal a total of 5 contact hours)
c. Economic situation/SES
d. Cultural environment, if appropriate
e. Actual location(s) where program will be conducted
f. Any other important demographics

2. Statement of Purpose description of why this content is part of the curriculum for this target population
a. Write this section as though you are trying to convince an outsider of the need for this unit; justification of your program
b. Use statistics whenever possible to support the rationale
c. Minimum of 4 references, cited APA style; no more than 1 may be an internet resource
d. Likely to be 1-2 pages alone

3. Long-Range Goals very broad outcomes or intentions for the unit; optimal behaviors you hope to achieve and need not be easily measurable

4. Behavioral Objectives stated in behavioral terms (cognitive, affective, psychomotor) according to a recognized authority or as covered by the instructor
a. Specific objectives to be achieved
b. Divide them only by type (do NOT divide them by day)
c. Minimum 15-20 cognitive, 3 affective, 1 psychomotor ( I will provide you with examples on how the objectives should be written)

5. Outline of content to be presented this should include ALL content items
a. Detailed outline, includes every detail of information to be presented. If you would say it, put it in the outline.”
b. May supplement by an appendix with more detail, or photocopies of handouts, slides, etc.
c. Content in outline should be presented in a logical order, not necessarily the order of presentation you will follow in the unit plan
d. Must use a standard outline format
e. Must provide citations and references for all of your sources; APA style
f. Do not put outline in a chart or grid, etc.

6. Methods/Strategies/Learning Opportunities This is the single, most-important section of the unit plan
a. Choose the best methods to achieve your objectives
b. Each method should be named and described in such a way that it could be utilized by an health educator; All directions and rules should be included (attaching photocopies is fine)
c. After each method, list the number(s) of the objective(s) which will be fulfilled by this strategy
d. Some methods will be duplicated; thats okay
e. Minimum 5 different methods ( I will provide an example of how this section should be completed)

NOTE: Sections 5 & 6 stated above may be combined if that works for you. Just be sure to include everything required for both sections in your one section.

7. List of Materials a complete list of materials needed by the health educator, and a complete list of materials needed by the participants

8. Evaluation Activities based on your stated objectives; you do not have to measure the Long Range Goals
a Include activities to measure knowledge, attitudes, and behavior
b. Be sure to include evaluation of the teacher/facilitator including content

9. List of Available Resources and Materials complete list of all the materials you intend to use, including books, articles, videos, activities, etc.
a. All resources should be known to be of good quality and availability
b. For each resource/material, include
Complete title
Web-site or phone number at which prices and orders can be obtained

NOTE: Sections 7 & 9 stated above may be combined if that works for you. Just be sure to include everything required for both sections in your one section.

10. Block Plana gride-style breakdown of the content of your program
a. Divided by days
b. Breakdown of sequence, and how long will be spent on each activity
c. Give consideration to proper sequence!

I will provide you with an example of a single lesson plan, and this will show you how to develop the methods section, the materials section, and the evaluation section. Good Luck