Create an excel file and determine whether McDonals companys actual current stock price is undervaluing, overvaluing, or correctly valuing the firm

This is the project 3 should consist of the following:
1. The excel file with your operating and investing cash flow projections for several years into the future. In this excel file, please also outline the numbers you used to calculate Re and the growth assumptions you made for operating and investing cash flows (and the reasoning behind those assumptions).
2. The results of any other valuation techniques used (the Gordon or dividend discount model, the multiples approach).
3. A paragraph comparing your modeled results to the actual share price, with a discussion of why you think your estimate is higher or lower than the actual stock price.

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This is the graded project 2, which is 7.5/10 and has some problems. You may use this project 2 information to finish my order.

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This is the instruction of my order project 3, the textbook is Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 10th ed., Alternate Edition, by Ross, Westerfield, and Jordan. McGraw-Hill