Create topic based on reading the included source and guidelines listed below)

In writing an extended critical paper, moreover, you wont focus on your own opinions about the topic, but rather, youll focus on how well the sources approach to the subject enables it to achieve its main purpose and add something to the audiences understanding of the subject. An extended critique is essentially an extended summary that not only analyzes what the source tries to do to make its point(s), but also evaluates how well those strategies work.

Write a oneto two-page critique paper using: (Marche, S. (2012). Is Facebook making us lonely? (Cover story). Atlantic Monthly (10727825), 309(4), 60-69.)
The focus of the paper should be on the sources treatment of its general topic and attempt to demonstrate a main point. Begin by summarizing the source, identifying its main point and what the source attempts to achieve with the intended audiences (i.e., its rhetorical purpose). The body of the critique itself should illustrate the sources key strengths and weakness by way of illustration paragraphs referencing specific passages, either by way of quotation or paraphrase. Make sure to introduce your critical thesis in the introductory paragraph to show readers what you intend to demonstrate in the body of the paper, and make sure to add your own original analysis in the body of the paper to explain your critical assessment of passages you may quote or paraphrase as evidence.

The thesis must assert the overall assessment of the sources treatment of the topic, and the body of the paper must explain the bases of your critical assessment.

Must be in APA format and include a title and references page.

Use as the source/reference:
Marche, S. (2012). Is Facebook making us lonely? (Cover story). Atlantic Monthly (10727825), 309(4), 60-69.