Creating a Policy Change Proposal Introductory Paragraph

Policy Change Proposal Section I Description Writing a policy change proposal is different from writing an essay. You will write a policy
change proposal over the span of the course. You will find links posted to Webliography each week to use for citations and references in addition to your textbooks. You will not use the
library in this class, instead use reliable internet sources no older than 2010 because the health
reform law, which is the topic of this class, was not signed into law until 2010. The more recent
the citation, the better and more accurate your content would be. Review the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act PL 111-148 and choose a section to
amend during the class.
Steps for Section One of the Proposal 1. First, give your proposal a name like this: PL 111-148 Section 5310 Policy Change Proposal Do not forget to write using the most recent edition of APA format so this means the
same title will be in the Running head, on the title page, and at the top of page 2 of the

Cite and reference at least three nursing peer reviewed articles to support the content in the paragraph.