Creating specialized pediatric radiographic team literature review

Chapter 2: Literature Review: This chapter needs improvements to meet the requirements of a literature review for this
dissertation. Please describe your search strategy as per the guidelines. This should describe not just how and where you
searched but also how you arrived at your themes. This allows the reader to then make sense of your chapter. When you
discuss an article (e.g. Mahesh, 2011) you need to describe the context in which the research was done, briefly describe the
methodology and then discuss the findings. Be careful to write all of this in your own words. There is no need for reala?life
examples (page16 onwards), and certainly not ones in the depth you have provided. That is not the purpose of this chapter. If
there has been peera?reviewed research done on these organisations then you can refer to that. You also need to add a
section at the end of this chapter a?Implications for the change projecta? as per the guidelines. Your conclusion section could be
rea?written to meet this requirement.