Creating specialized pediatric radiographic team to reduce repeated films rate and maintain patient safety

Discuss the impact that the change has had on the organisation, implications of the change for management, by answering the following questions
What process will you use to identify impact issues? Options include project teams, reference groups, partnership committees, large group interventions, surveys, pilot sites, use of case scenarios or case studies, etc.
What is the scope of the impact analysis? What areas will it address? What degree of detail is needed? What is the time frame?
Who are the best people to do this work?
How will this work be resourced?
How will the information be analysed and by whom?
How will the findings be assessed?
How will you monitor the impact of the findings from a political, cultural and people perspective?
What attention needs to be paid to assessing the impact from a human resources perspective, including the impact on existing staff relations agreements?
How will you communicate the findings from the impact analysis process?
What changes need to be made to the business case (Project Initiation Document) and how can these changes be agreed and approved?