Creative Exploration of Your Own Choosing-from files that I will send you

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Writing Assignment 4
A Creative Exploration of Your Own Choosing

This assignment allows a lot of freedom, so get creative! This is an expository writing assignment
that asks you introduce, discuss, and explore a main idea of your own and articulate this main idea
through writing in a way that supports conclusions youave drawn.

Some Suggested Steps to Follow in Order to Complete This Assignment:

1. To begin this assignment, select one unassigned essay from College Writing in a
Technology Infused World and decide what you want to write about.

2. Find 2 related outside sources from the Library databases, or another credible site that
will help you develop and explore your main idea.

3. Pre-write, begin a draft, significantly revise that draft, and submit the final draft by the due
date outlined in the course calendar.

4. Use textual support from the essay you select from College Writing in a Technology
Infused World and the related outside sources you selected to help you talk about main idea.

5. Remember to pick source material that will allow you support/illustrate various
points/claims you want to make about your own main idea.
A Few Specifics:
Y 4 pages
Y List the essay you chose from College Writing in a Technology Infused World and the 2 related outside sources you find on a separate reference page cited in APA format
Y Use in-text citations for any selections you use from any sources used; whether you
paraphrase, summarize or directly quote them.
Y APA Documentation style and page formatting for all pages
Y 12 pt. Academic font
Y 1a? margins, typed, double-spaced

Can not use wikipedia.