Credit risk management for banks and the improvement of basel ii accord

the original thought for this dissertation is about improving banking systems credit risk under the rule of Basel II Accord, and also reflection on the recent development of Basel III after the financial crisis. For the empirical evidence, I would like to select China as a certain country to develop my dissertation. Statistics and graphs are very important in my dissertation.
These are some comments from my supervisor:
1. You have to have more original ideas rather than directly adopting paragraphs from textbooks
2. The structure of the dissertation needs to be improved, i.e. introduction, background and literature survey parts should be kept relatively brief and focus should be put on methodology and empirical analysis
3. An empirical chapter has to be added which will conduct some original data analysis; no econometrics is required but you have to use some data to support your argument
4. The study has to be more updated, e.g. the recent development of risk management methods such as Basle III
5. More policy implications have to be discussed at the end of the dissertation