Crime or criminal justice or prosecution of crime

Addresses an important topic about crime or criminal justice or the prosecution of crime.
1. Sections I, II, and VII: Statement of the problem, literature review, and references
· I Statement of the research issue, problem, or topic (1 page)
· II Focused review of the literature (3 pages)
§ Summarizing the findings of prior research relevant to the research question(s) that have been defined in the first section of the proposal.
§ Demonstrate what specific topics or issues are in need of further research within the general framework of the statement of the problem in the first section.
§ Identify methodological problems or weaknesses in prior research that the proposed research will correct or overcome.
· VII At least five additional readings from books, academic journals, or online research reports.

2. Sections III and IV: Theoretical framework and hypotheses or specific objectives
· Theoretical framework (1 pages)
· Specific aims, objectives, and hypotheses (1 page)
3. Section V Research design and methods (5 pages plus appendices)
· The research design section describes the overall research design and plan for the study (in relation to the specific aims and objectives stated in the previous section). For example, if the study is an experiment, this section would explain the elements of the experimental design. If it is evaluation research, it would explain the program that is being evaluated. Your studies will typically involve survey and observation research devoted to addressing the issue, problem, or topic you defined in section I. You would describe that in more detail in this section.
4. Section V(a): Key measures
· Measurement of key variables Describe the conceptual and operational definitions of variables to be measured in the study. Actual survey instruments or field observation schedules should be put in Appendix A.
5. Section V(b): Sampling plan
· Sampling plan Describe the proposed sample(s) in terms of size and selection procedures.
6. Section V(c): Data collection approach and procedures.
· Data collection procedures Describe the planned survey and/or other field operations of the proposed project.
7. Section VI: Human subjects protection issues and procedures.
· Human subjects protection plan (1 page)
I am not interested in the other characteristics of a research proposal, so please do not include:
VIII. Project timetable and specific milestones
IX. Proposed budget
X. Budget explanation and justification
XI. Qualifications of the research team