Criminal justice) Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice

Your first exam will consist of 4 essay questions, of which, you will be responsible for responding to 2 of those questions. Your essays should be roughly 600 to 900 words per essay (two to three typed, double-spaced pages). Exams are not proctored, and you may use your book and notes while completing the exams. You will have the entire week to compose and submit your essays. The first exam will be located here: Exam 1.(ATTACHED FILE)

If you have questions about the exam, either prior to or during the exam period, please do not hesitate to ask.

Exam Advice

The following is some advice and tips on how to complete a successful exam. This is not necessarily exhaustive advice, yet it should provide you with a set of guidelines for ensuring that your essays are as coherent as possible.

Make sure you answer the question. While this may seem simple, there is always a desire among many students to ai??i??redefineai??i?? what the question is about, and then go on to answer their own question. Please do not do this. This also means that you need to meaningfully address each component of the question ai??i?? ignoring any part of the question is never a good idea.
Draw upon the relevant information. Your ability to draw upon issues and information raised in class discussions and assigned readings is of primary interest for your instructors. A good essay will always demonstrate that you have participated in the online discussions and that you have done the readings (for example, peppering your essay with specific details from the discussions and the readings always enhances the quality of your response).
Organize the presentation of your answer according to the structure of the question. If, for example, you address the components of a question out of order, even if you have done a serviceable job of addressing each point, you will have made your response more difficult to evaluate (which might also make your instructors cranky, and no one wants that!). These questions are structured in this way on purpose. Subsequently, your essay is likely to be more coherent if you follow that structure.
Finally, there is no ai??i??one best wayai??i?? to respond to an essay question in terms of the length. Some people are capable of ai??i??getting to the pointai??i?? better than others and are therefore able to construct a rather ai??i??leanai??i?? essay that still hits all of the relevant points. This is completely fine, and if you are capable of doing this, then kudos to you. On the other hand, though, many people end up writing a sort of ai??i??data dumpai??i?? response. This is an essay where you want to tell your instructors everything you have ever learned about criminal justice all in one essay ai??i?? presumably in the hope that they will sift through all the points you make and find the one(s) that best answer the question. Please do not do this. Instead, stick to the literature/discussion of material related to the question. In the end, you are better off living on the promise of partial credit for answering as much of the question as you know how to than you are with a data dump (which tends to get graded rather harshly).


In terms of formatting your essays, please double space between lines and use normal font (12-point Times New Roman) and margins (1ai??i?? on all sides). Your essays will be evaluated primarily on the content of your work, but also on the quality of your writing since this is a Writing in the Major course. You have more than enough time to make at least one round of revisions (using spellcheck does not constitute revising your paper!), so the essays that you turn in should be well-organized and have few, if any, spelling and/or grammatical errors.

Save your document as an .rtf or .pdf file. Use the following naming pattern for your file: Lastname_Firstname_Exam1.