Criminal justice Individual project & Discussion Board

Individual Project
Search the cybray and the internet to find two websites that promote community invlovement in the prevention of juvenile delinquency.Provide the hyperlinks to these sites and a brife explanation of each. What are their beliefs? Are they appealing to youths and /or adults ? Is the program links to a school ? What dose the programs entile ? How effectivedo you think the program will be , or how effective has it been ? Did the programs neglect an aspect of prevention you believe is important ?
Do the organization have separate programs for males and females ?Abused children ? Childern in gangs ? Drugs abusers ? If not , propose programs specific about the program details.

2ND Discussion Board

A childs social , community , and environmental relations are thought to exert a powerful influence on their involvement in delinquent activities. Kids who fail at home, at school, and in the neighborhood are considered proneto sustaining delinquent careers over the life course. Research indicates that chronic , persistent offenders are the ones most likely to experience educational failure , poor home life, substance abuse , and unsatisfactory peer relations.
Social, community, and environmental relations also have a positive influence and shield or insulate at risk children from involvement in a delinquent lifestyle. Consequently, many delinquency prevention efforts focus on improving family relations, supporting educational achievement and utilizing communtiy resources. If the family is believed to be the cause of delinquency , family counseling and therapy may be used to prevent it. Similary, gange control efforts have been mades to counteract the influence of since there are so many factors that can influence a juveniles behavior, what can you do to prevent delinquency ? Consider all of the factors in this unit that influence delinquency. gender, family , peers and schools. If you were responsible for juvenile delinquency.Be sure to support your ideas with references from the book and other sources.