Criminal justice or criminology-related topic

I have homework 2 to do, to do HW 2 you have to see the comments on HW1 in that way I will get better grade next time( the instructor said that)
This the requirements for HW 2 , also I have attached HW1 pic

CRJ 380: Justice Research and Statistics I (Goodrum) Homework Assignment #2: Introduction and Literature Review DUE: March 3, 2015

As stated in HW#1, in the final paper for this class, you will write a 6-8 page research proposal on a criminal justice or criminology-related topic that can be studied using one of the methods of data collection reviewed in this course. For the paper, you will select a topic, summarize the research literature on the topic, establish research questions to study the topic, describe the plan for the collection and analysis of data, and discuss the potential policy implications of the study. If done correctly, this assignment will be the first two sections of your Final Research Proposal. Please include the below subheadings in your paper, and attach Dr. Gi??s marked up version of HW#1 with your HW#2 submission.

Introduction (1 page)

Describe the topic and indicate why others should be interested in it. In this section, you should offer information about the scope of the problem i?? either by stating how many people it affects or by indicating how long the topic has been studied. A powerful way to convey the scope of a problem is through statistics on the topic, which are available through a variety of federal government sources (e.g., Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Institute of Drug Abuse, National Institute of Justice). In the introduction, you should also include two to three sentences of summary information of the current research on the topic (which will be discussed in more detail in the lit review). The introduction should end: i??The purpose of this research is. . .i??

Literature Review (2-3 pages)

This section of the paper is a summary and synthesis of the research literature on your topic (i.e., what we know), a brief description of what we doni??t know about the topic, and how your research will investigate it. The lit review should build up to a statement of the specific research questions motivating the research. The literature review should end with the statement: i??The proposed study seeks to answer the following research questions. . .i??

Some general guidelines for the lit review:

? It is not acceptable to summarize the information about your sources i?? with one

paragraph devoted to each article or one article at-a-time.

? Instead, you should review the research as a whole and try to identify the themes in the

literature and report and describe those themes in your lit review.

? The summary and synthesis of the research on your topic should account for 2 pages of

text; the description of what we doni??t know about the topic should account for 2-3

sentences of text.
Please note that it is very important that you use the feedback received on HW#1 to guide your

work on HW#2. The quality of your writing is expected to improve with each assignment in this course.


On the due date, you will need to submit (1) a paper copy to me and (2) an electronic copy to blackboard. Your assignment should:

(1) be well written and organized;
(2) include 1 inch margins on all sides;
(3) be 2-3 pages long and double-spaced;
(4) include your name, course number, date, and assignment # in the upper left corner;
(5) include a copy of marked-up HW#1 as an attachment to the hardcopy submitted in class; (6) include a separate references page with at least 3 scholarly references; and
(7) follow the APA Style Guide for references cited within the text of the paper and on the

references page (